2019 high effieiency industrial boiler

How good 2019 high effieiency industrial boiler installation of control technology, to improve the security and stability of the boiler installation! To ensure the quality of the installation, boiler installation project should be approved by the qualification review, in line with the scope of the installation of professional construction unit installation. Design requirements should be the installation, and with reference to the relevant technical documents boiler factory construction. Heating boilers while working pressure of not greater than 15MPa, the water temperature does not exceed 130 feet should be in accordance with Building Water and Heating Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance (GB50242-2002). For working pressure is less than 2.5MPa, evaporation of not more than 35t h of bulk or assembled on-site boiler / should be carried out in accordance with the construction of mechanical equipment installation engineering construction and acceptance of industrial furnaces and masonry construction and acceptance of relevant provisions of the specification; pipeline installation of the boiler and its ancillary equipment shall be subject to industrial boiler installation construction and acceptance specifications, boiler equipment installation process: basic steel installation - grate installation - installation drum - about lower header installation - lifting tube angle - lower header before and after the installation - the left and right front upper header and the upper header lifting Wall, Wall mounted around, - economizer installed - communicating pipe mounting - manifold, and out of the water out of the water valves mounted competent - hydrostatic test .

Low nitrogen transformation technology transformation technology low nitrogen gas steam 2019 high effieiency industrial boiler steam boiler gas analysis analysis? Currently, in order to comply with national and local environmental trend adjustment policy, the pharmaceutical industry began the boiler has been transformed, and low nitrogen transformation technology is one of them. As the current in the pharmaceutical industry, gas powered steam boiler is more extensive, Xiao Bian below to low nitrogen gas transformation gas steam boiler, for example, to analyze the technical transformation of low nitrogen gas steam boiler. Generally speaking, the low nitrogen transformation to achieve the effect is nothing more than two, one energy saving, emission reduction Second, with regard to energy-saving technologies, currently more common is the FGR flue gas recirculation technology, condensing technology, premix technology , organic combination of these techniques, the heat released by combustion of boiler fuel effectively used to enhance the operating efficiency of the boiler heat to some extent, to achieve the effect of energy saving; the reduction is divided into two general gas boiler emissions in the basic 150mg / m3 and above, and now the state is required standards 80mg / m3, or even 30mg / m3 and below, so for this standard, the transformation of emission reduction First, instead 80mg / m3 emissions, and second, is 30mg / m3 emissions, according to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical companies use the boiler area, the field and the actual situation of the site is determined to make the final, but strictly speaking, the venue for the pharmaceutical industry which is closely related with people, the more emissions low as possible. After the course, with regard to emission reduction technologies and the use of energy-saving technologies have in common is, the energy saving effect of this boiler is a comprehensive measure, based on a simple survey data, basically the transformation of low nitrogen gas steam boiler , basically thermal efficiency can reach more than 98% of the cost of running the boiler, ranging from 150,000 to 200,000 will be reduced, basically it will soon be able to return the cost of renovation. In short, low nitrogen gas steam boiler technology reform on the one hand can be appropriate to extend the life of the boiler, but also bring a certain margin improved for the enterprise value per unit time, is also possible to reduce emissions, it can be said to serve multiple purposes of effect.

For a long time, the 2019 high effieiency industrial boiler and burner are attributed to two different sectors each R & D re-combination, but the overall performance of the gas boiler, there is a qualitative impact. Fang fast R & D team after two years, estimates adjusted 300 times, breaking the status quo burner and boiler production separate, optimized depth coupled combustion system and heat transfer system architecture, combined boiler and combustion system, combustion system and successfully developed the depth of the heat transfer system coupled "Euromonitor θ5", so that gas-fired boiler into a complete energy system, to achieve a qualitative leap. "Euromonitor θ5" additional air pre-heater, cold air through the heat exchange tubes and the body opening for the flue gas countercurrent heat exchanger, the exhaust gas temperature is lowered while saving fuel; using a condenser, economizer flue gas heat recovery, thermal efficiency of the boiler can be increased by 10%; the use of FGR flue Gas recycling technology and Ultraten wing technology, improve heat transfer efficiency, emissions of nitrogen oxides emissions standards in line with domestic cities.

What gas 2019 high effieiency industrial boiler blowdown regularly asked to pass the gas boiler regularly asked what the sewage? Some people think that the number of gas-fired boiler blowdown increase would be better. In fact, one is frequently sewage waste a lot of heat, affect the stability of the heating steam pressure; the second is detrimental to the boiler water cycle; Third, the drain valve spool, stem packing big loss, leakage, burst pipes phenomenon increases; a fourth is boiler hot stage efficiency of 60%, when the pressure was raised to 1MPa, each additional 0.2% of sewage waste of energy; 1.25MPa when the pressure is raised, each additional 0.5% of sewage waste of energy, when the blowdown rate increase to 20%, energy waste is even greater; Fifth, increase the amount of labor operating personnel. Thus, the sewage must be periodically according to "ground discharge, the discharge less uniform row" principle, sewage at least once every eight hours, provided hand operation.

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