5 ton fire tube boiler in Razdan

With respect to consumers in the purchase of such goods, we must make the appropriate market information survey, to be able to get a clear answer, to be able to get the industry characteristics of the product distribution. Steam 5 ton fire tube boiler in razdan manufacturing process has in terms of ultra-high demands, standardization also has a standard construction industry, so as to achieve the highest quality of maintenance to be able to get a good implementation effect. In particular, it launched the product type is rich and varied, allowing the mode of operation of our products, and distribution space be fully promoted.

April 15 --16 days, ASME joint review by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers group assignment, our company ASME quality control system and demonstrate products on-site audit. After a strict and rigorous audit, the joint review team leader (AIS) announced: "fast Boiler Co., Ltd.-site audit by ASME recommendation issued: power 5 ton fire tube boiler in razdans (S) and pressure vessel (U) Certification and Seal"

has upper part and lower part for transportation and upper part is body heating

surface; lower part is combustion room. This boiler is easy to install on site,

How small and medium sized 5 ton fire tube boiler in razdan to adjust the temperature? Usually SMIs boiler temperature adjustment means no reduction, or only to change the level of air volume decrease means from the center of the flame gas side to achieve the purpose of adjusting the steam temperature. If the hot water boiler steam temperature drops, increasing the air blowing amount, the amount of flue gas increases, steam temperature rises; or increasing the amount of induced air, so that the chamber negative pressure increases, the center position of the flame shifting superheated steam temperature will rise . However, the boiler will adversely affect the economy. Air volume increased, the flame center will increase the exhaust gas temperature rises, increasing the heat losses; air volume is increased or decreased directly affect the quality and stability of the combustion conditions, thus affecting the thermal efficiency of the boiler. If improper operation, may also cause a fire or even turn off the furnace off. Therefore, small and medium industrial boilers should be taken to avoid sudden changes in temperature regulating air volume, reduced the adverse effects of low degree. If the vapor pressure of running hot water boiler, steam temperature exceeds a predetermined allowable value, already belongs to the accidents and dangerous area, you must take urgent measures to weaken combustion intensity, adjust the boiler load, air exhaust, severe will stop boiler run.

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